Mother as Leader

Mothers Day is this weekend. It is the first Mothers Day Ive not bought a card in my whole life. My mother is no longer here, having recently passed. The hole is large in my heart. When I think of some of the positive characteristics of organizational leaders my Mother keeps coming to mind. She was brave and courageous facing challenges most would have given up on. She was giving and caring, encouraging and supportive. She wanted only the best for her children helping us face life by teaching us skills and lessons. My Mom listened deeply to our joys,struggles, and achievements- never judging, simply being there. We could count on Mom to pull the family together, to connect us. She planned and organized incredible events and let us all shine in the process.  My Mother was my mentor and the first leader I knew.  She took initiative and empowered my sisters to be ourselves. I am the leader I am today because my Mother encouraged me to be me, to live my potential. The space she carved out for us in the world is what gave us room to grow. Celebrate Mothers everywhere as leaders today. If ever there was a true servant leader it must be a Mother.

About leaderspace

I am 3M- Mom, Mum, and Mama to my son, daughter-in-law, and daughter. They each have their endearments for me which I treasure. It represents the unique relationship I have with each of them. My Leaderspace Blog is a professional blog about leaders and the space around them as I have spent many years observing leaders and their relationships. My Debbie Payne Poetry blog are a collection of poems often stimulated by some kind of motherly-wifely-daughter-sister-friend-environment relationship experience. The poems seem to just bubble up and pour out every now and then. They feel like little gifts that are handed to me to pass on, so I now pass them on to you, my new readers. My hope is that some of the words will spark an emotion that will lead to a hug with someone you cherish. My consulting work focuses on leadership, development, learning and training. if you want to know more check out my profile at, hunt me down on LinkedIN, or check out my websites.
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1 Response to Mother as Leader

  1. janis lawrie says:

    There is not much that I can add to the Leaderspace message except to completely agree with the opinion of a Mother being a true leader. I too have lost my mother, and will celebrate on Mother’s day in a completely different way than in the past. I will embrace my memories and thank my Mom for all she has given me. I am a connected Mother to my own children because of all the “life lessons” she taught us as we grew. I can only hope to be half the person she was. If you still have your Mom, embrace her and spoil her on Sunday. If she lives far away, connect with her often. If she is gone, honour her memory, as she truly is the person who has shaped you more than anyone else.

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