Reflection on Peak Experiences

Reflection on Peak Experiences
A peak experience is one that has potential for deep personal growth and transformation. This potential comes from intensity, passion, community-building, new learning, stretched behaviour, critical thinking, focused problem-solving, and appreciation of new perspectives.
Personal growth and transformation may occur during or after a peak experience, and especially is enhanced through some kind of reflection.
Reflection is observation of our own behaviour, thinking, sensing, and noticing. Our interaction with others and our relationship to both content and process , plus a deepened understanding of the journey, is an element of reflection.
How one reflects is personal. When you look into a mirror it reflects back an image and you see what you would like to see. Reflection may be private, public, thinking, productive, verbal, non-verbal, creative, logical, in-the-moment or over time.
Knowing our natural reflection strengths provides a base for us to reflect deeply and easily. Stretching our reflection abilities by trying new ways to reflect also deepens the peak experience in new ways.
To experience this stretching form of reflection choose one peak experience and use some different reflection techniques with following five questions. Better yet, make up your own.
1. Journal or story-writing
2. Talking with someone
3. Drawing or painting
4. Poetry or music
5. Writing lessons learned
1. What did I learn about taking calculated risks?
2. How well do I recognize and celebrate my success?
3. What did I learn about my ability to influence and serve?
4. What natural gifts do I want to strengthen?
5. What will I let go of or remove to make space for me?
Reflect on Reflection
What did I learn, like, love, not like about each of these techniques and questions?
What do I want to remember about reflection?
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I am 3M- Mom, Mum, and Mama to my son, daughter-in-law, and daughter. They each have their endearments for me which I treasure. It represents the unique relationship I have with each of them. My Leaderspace Blog is a professional blog about leaders and the space around them as I have spent many years observing leaders and their relationships. My Debbie Payne Poetry blog are a collection of poems often stimulated by some kind of motherly-wifely-daughter-sister-friend-environment relationship experience. The poems seem to just bubble up and pour out every now and then. They feel like little gifts that are handed to me to pass on, so I now pass them on to you, my new readers. My hope is that some of the words will spark an emotion that will lead to a hug with someone you cherish. My consulting work focuses on leadership, development, learning and training. if you want to know more check out my profile at, hunt me down on LinkedIN, or check out my websites.
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1 Response to Reflection on Peak Experiences

  1. Thanks for sharing some practical suggestions to develop the personal skills needed to succeed. I like reflecting on my personal effectiveness: there is always roomfor improvement 🙂


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