Conversational Magic

Today a colleague and I completed the delivery of a new 5 week program we have designed called W.O.W.Power ( Willing, Open Wizard). We had loads of fun with our wizard theme complete with wizard capes and wands, castles, and wizard books for the 12 participants to compile.

The intention of the program was to have a team of leaders move to where they were having magical conversations- conversations that were deeper than normal, that were somewhat transformational in nature, that have substance and develop the team in the process. The program was a series of 4 two-hour sessions with some in-workplace assignments in the weeks between the sessions. Simple, practical model for learning yet quite magical in how well it worked overall.

We witnessed over the weeks conversational magic emerge. I was encouraged and in awe of the shifts we saw and heard and how the group built trust and improved relationships through this transformative conversational approach. Interesting to note that there is also some new research I read about out of the University of Arizona and Washington that holding substantive, meaningful conversations at work increases our level of happiness, with happiness to a degree being related to our level of engagement. We certainly saw happier more engaged employees emerge through this relatively short program.

Maybe it was the magic wands that made the difference or maybe it was the magic of learning and applying the coach-like leadership skills- all I know was the group had a lot of fun and transformed themselves through the magic of deeper conversations. Perhaps if we can learn to have deeper conversations in our workplace, if we can get past the fast paced social media multi-tasking and take the time to listen and ask more deeply we will notice some shifts in the level of engagement in our organizations.

About leaderspace

I am 3M- Mom, Mum, and Mama to my son, daughter-in-law, and daughter. They each have their endearments for me which I treasure. It represents the unique relationship I have with each of them. My Leaderspace Blog is a professional blog about leaders and the space around them as I have spent many years observing leaders and their relationships. My Debbie Payne Poetry blog are a collection of poems often stimulated by some kind of motherly-wifely-daughter-sister-friend-environment relationship experience. The poems seem to just bubble up and pour out every now and then. They feel like little gifts that are handed to me to pass on, so I now pass them on to you, my new readers. My hope is that some of the words will spark an emotion that will lead to a hug with someone you cherish. My consulting work focuses on leadership, development, learning and training. if you want to know more check out my profile at, hunt me down on LinkedIN, or check out my websites.
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1 Response to Conversational Magic

  1. Well written article Debbie. I had a lot of fun designing and delivering this course with you!
    It truly was magical to see the transformation within such a very short time. I look forward to our next magical program!

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