To Be

To be

Is more than to exist.

It is to stand tall

When the burden grows heavy

And the patterns of life

Become mingled with hard choices

And changes that shatter the inner peace.

To be

Is to have courage

To face whatever Life brings

And somehow find meaning;

Meaning, that is not always related

To production. But rather

To Knowing, Understanding, Living and Growing.

To be

Is somehow deeper than merely living

In the accustomed dimensions.

It incorporates even what we call


Is not this why

The Incarnation can only be

Understood when we try to

Comprehend the resurrection?

To be

Is to let the Life-Giving

Spirit open up the senses

To the beauty, the compassion and

Ever-present mystery of the Other.

For the Other

Often takes the shape of Nature…

But evenmore the Presence

Of those who Care and share

Our Life.

Thus to be

Is to live more fully

Than we thought possible:

And in the living

Give ourselves to others…

Because we received more

Than we can ever use

And are profoundly grateful.

Written by Gerald W. Payne 1912-2005
My wise father-in-law

About leaderspace

I am 3M- Mom, Mum, and Mama to my son, daughter-in-law, and daughter. They each have their endearments for me which I treasure. It represents the unique relationship I have with each of them. My Leaderspace Blog is a professional blog about leaders and the space around them as I have spent many years observing leaders and their relationships. My Debbie Payne Poetry blog are a collection of poems often stimulated by some kind of motherly-wifely-daughter-sister-friend-environment relationship experience. The poems seem to just bubble up and pour out every now and then. They feel like little gifts that are handed to me to pass on, so I now pass them on to you, my new readers. My hope is that some of the words will spark an emotion that will lead to a hug with someone you cherish. My consulting work focuses on leadership, development, learning and training. if you want to know more check out my profile at, hunt me down on LinkedIN, or check out my websites.
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