Leading from the Center

As we approach 2014 with changes on the horizon and the start of a new work year I ponder yet again about what is around us as leaders. What are we connected to?  How do we see ourselves at the center of the hub, or do we?  What are our relationships around us that create new centers?  What is the center of our leadership?

As usual for me questions continue to pop as shifts occur in our work relationships. People coming and going and moving around in an organization cause centers to shift, bulges to occur, space to emerge.  These shifts are good for departments and organizations  as they allow us to open up the box or shake it around to see what else might be possible.

The fluidity  is always present. We sometimes just live in an illusion that things are stable.  Fluidity fosters new centers or whorls  where new work can be created. For example, a new department in an organization is created to address an emerging trend.  People are pulled and attracted to this new center and holes are left like a sponge that is squeezed. How does one lead from this tiny new center that is just incubating? What happens to the other centers?  What happens to your center and the center of your work universe when things change? What do you rely on as a leader when your center is shaken or becomes a hole?

In this work environment we live in what is it like for you leading from the center?


About leaderspace

I am 3M- Mom, Mum, and Mama to my son, daughter-in-law, and daughter. They each have their endearments for me which I treasure. It represents the unique relationship I have with each of them. My Leaderspace Blog is a professional blog about leaders and the space around them as I have spent many years observing leaders and their relationships. My Debbie Payne Poetry blog are a collection of poems often stimulated by some kind of motherly-wifely-daughter-sister-friend-environment relationship experience. The poems seem to just bubble up and pour out every now and then. They feel like little gifts that are handed to me to pass on, so I now pass them on to you, my new readers. My hope is that some of the words will spark an emotion that will lead to a hug with someone you cherish. My consulting work focuses on leadership, development, learning and training. if you want to know more check out my profile at about.me/debbie_payne, hunt me down on LinkedIN, or check out my websites.
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