Deberna International 2013 Reflection and Update Brief

Our clients have taught us much this year as we continue to hear of the innovative ways Tri-namics is being introduced, applied, and integrated to support leader development. It has been a busy year for Deberna International. An increased number of leaders, educators, consultants and coaches are experimenting with the Tri-namics system and its applications.

We are working again in Australia supporting a leadership program for 3 hospitals. This includes a web cast program for all participants who are using Learning Triangles in their 9 month program and train the trainer support for internal OD consultants. In Manitoba we are supporting the work of Ed McKenzie and Graham Dickson for their LEADS Leadership Program by providing 360 debriefing coaching, as well as teaching participants to coach themselves using the resources. In Ontario our work has mainly been with LEADS 360 debriefs and using Tri-namics for self and team coaching. For the Canadian Association of Drug and Technologies we custom designed Triad Connector Exercises for the work Graham Dickson did with them. Erna uses the Tri-namics resource book with her coaching clients through the Canadian Medical association to deepen the coaching experience and give clients a for quick access to their own wisdom. Marilynn Kendal, a Tri-namics Consultant, uses it with her clients to stimulate self-directed leadership and mentoring.

In September we signed a partnership agreement with the Canadian College of Health Leaders (CCHL) for our “Tri-namics: Leadership Wisdom for the Health System” resource book. This agreement is in the spirit of trust, reciprocity and partnership.

We look forward to 2014 as we expand our reach to those both within Canada and beyond. We feel fortunate to be in the company of such a rich community of influencers and innovators.

In the magic energy of three.

Erna Hagge and Debbie Payne

Partners, Deberna International

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