Leaderspace is about exploring the relationship of Leaders to the Space around them.

We often do not see the space as we notice objects, people, and the concrete. This blog brings to your senses that space, the vacancy, the open time, the “white space” that allows us to breathe, to relish moments suspended, to really notice the relationship space between and among.  It helps us be present, suspend judgement, notice opportunities for choice, and choose right paths.   Next time you are out for a walk notice not what you see, rather what is inbetween what you see-watch the interaction of a mother and child, see the group dynamics of youth, see the space between the birds as they fly overhead. Feel the pause between your inhale and exhale. When you step notice where your feet do not land.  Perhaps it will bring to your being both action and non action enabling a deeper understanding about the whole.

Debbie Payne, MA is a leadership and learning consultant, adult educator and the author of this blog. You can find out more about her work at http://www.dpleadership.com and http://www.deberna.com. She is the creator of the Coaching Triangles System and co-author of the book Tri-namics Coaching Triangle System (2006) and Tri-namics Power of One, Two, Three: Provocative Questions for Leadership Wisdom published in August 2009.   This system was created by noticing what is not structured.

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  1. Karin says:

    Good point Debbie. I have often found in working with people who like to deal with “just the facts” – what they can readily see and understand- that walking them through the ‘spaces’ and the potential risks of ignoring them helps create a new model for development and problem solving.

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