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In this New Year of 2013 we think, as we often do at the start of a year, on starting something new, on redefining goals, of resolving to somehow be different. We hope we will be successful. Have we clearly defined what success looks like for us?

In our book, Tri-namics: Leadership Wisdom for the Health System that Erna Hagge and I recently published in 2012, we have a wonderful exercise called Three Success Statements. The book is full of tools, exercises and resources to reflect and learn. Here is the essence of the exercise.

Think about what success really means to you. Sometimes it is not the obvious.

Complete these three statements:

1. I know I am successful when…

2. I know I am successful when…

3. I know I am successful when…

Other people’s statements may spark thoughts for you. I know I am successful when I live my highest value every day. I know I am successful when I tap into my sense of humour regularly. I know I am successful as a leader when my team is fully engaged.

Keeping your three success statements in your consciousness helps you make wiser decisions for yourself and those around you.

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To Be

To be

Is more than to exist.

It is to stand tall

When the burden grows heavy

And the patterns of life

Become mingled with hard choices

And changes that shatter the inner peace.

To be

Is to have courage

To face whatever Life brings

And somehow find meaning;

Meaning, that is not always related

To production. But rather

To Knowing, Understanding, Living and Growing.

To be

Is somehow deeper than merely living

In the accustomed dimensions.

It incorporates even what we call


Is not this why

The Incarnation can only be

Understood when we try to

Comprehend the resurrection?

To be

Is to let the Life-Giving

Spirit open up the senses

To the beauty, the compassion and

Ever-present mystery of the Other.

For the Other

Often takes the shape of Nature…

But evenmore the Presence

Of those who Care and share

Our Life.

Thus to be

Is to live more fully

Than we thought possible:

And in the living

Give ourselves to others…

Because we received more

Than we can ever use

And are profoundly grateful.

Written by Gerald W. Payne 1912-2005
My wise father-in-law

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New Book Published

Celebration!  Our new book is finally published and now available. Completion creates space for new work, space for shifting focus, and space to relish in accomplishment. Tri-namics: Leadership Wisdom for the Health System has been a labour of love for the last 1.5 years for Erna Hagge and I.  We are so delighted to bring this work into the world of health professionals. How do we transform the health system? We do it leader by leader. Tri-namics custom edition is integrated and aligned with LEADS in a Caring Environment, Canada’s new adopted leadership capabilities framework.  Shameless promotion- buy a copy for a leader in the health system – contribute to our transformation. Contact info at


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Funnel Ideas for Innovation

In the process of creating our new book we stumbled aon nd became aware of a creative exercise process we used that suprisingly was possible to document. It is rather unconventional and draws on our intuitive open-mindedness as well as a willingness to be non-attached to both process and outcome. In fact, one often does not recognize the process until you have completed it, nor may you be aware that it is a repeatable process. You may have experienced this with others and not known just quite what happened.

We have given this process a name and documented it in our new book Tri-namics: Leadership Wisdom for the Health System. I share this with you in this blog in the hopes that you may discover and experience it for yourself. For us, it was quite magical. We liken it to scribbling on a napkin with a gem of a new idea- a eureka moment!

The process is 16 steps long, rather too many to put here, however here is a taste and it may encourage you to notice something new in your dialogue with others. This is a joint dialogue process, not a coaching conversation, although there may be elements and principles of coaching principles recongnizable in this process. Here are the first 3 of 16 steps to whet your appetiite.

1. You seek something- not sure what
2. You begin to think with people
3. You share thoughts, hunches, questions

From this you then listen, observe, respect, express and dont express, record or not, emerge and wait for pacing and aha’s. It culimnates in innovation. We call this process "Funnel Creativity Process for Innovation". It is located in the Decision Making exercise in Tri-namics.

This resource has over 40+ exercises and 12 applications to experiement with and grow your own and others leadership.

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Deepening Wisdom

The authoring process of creating our third Tri-namics book has come to a close for my business partner Erna Hagge and I as we just sent it off for printing. We have spent every spare minute over the last year and a half dreaming, researching, innovating, writing draft after draft, rewriting and editing together. The process itself of co-creation challenges us at the most basic level. We use words to represent our thoughts and then interpret meaning. We constantly found ourselves bumping into each other on the meaing of words and would digress into a deeper, wiser learning conversation. For example, how we feel about a value is not the same as what we think about a value and the simple discovery that we approach values differently brought us new perspectives. The power of conversation and dialogue to get to shared meaning we experienced over and over and over again.

Our Tri-namics book is meant to stimulate thinking and dialogue with its many tools, exercises, resources, models, and provocative coach approach questions. In our development process we used our second book, Tri-namics: Provocative Questions for Leadership Wisdom not only as a base for this new book, but also to guide us in the process, Using our own tools in this context and modeling what we hope others will discover was quite a remarkable journey. Sometimes we would look at each other in awe and say ” My goodness, this is so great- how is it that we wrote it and just now are appreciating the depth of the wisdom in the words?” Creating our written work, then reflecting on it and finally innvoating something new is the core framework of Tri-namics and we found ourselves rather unintentionally, but probably subconsciously following this pattern.

Erna and I have completed this phase of creation. Now we move into a new phase of bringing our work forward into the world. Tri-namics: Leadership Wisdom for the Health Profession is fully aligned with LEADS in a Caring Environment, the newly adopted national capabilities framework for leadership development in the health and healthcare system. It is our first custom edition for a specific industry and designed for all levels of health leaders. There are multiple applications for using this and it is based on self-directed adult learning principles. Use it on your own for self-development, with a coach or mentor, in a triad or Coaching Triangle, as a base resource to design or extend programs and workshops, for team development or at its most sophisticated level as a full organizational learning system. Health leaders will find the language familiar, appreciate the evidence-based referencing, and find familiar and leading-edge resources.

Although we will miss the intensity of our own writing creation, we look forward to seeing the delight in the eyes of leaders as they experience their own personal magic with Tri-namics. Leaders are developed in many ways and the word leadership is not easily defined. We do know from our experience with our clients that Tri-namics enhances the leadership journey and can become your best leadership thinking partner just when you need it.

Over the next while in this blog I will be sharing some of the tooks and exercises in Tri-namics and the benefits of some of the applications- so hope you are able to catch some of this. Tri-namics will also be showing up in videos on YouTube, opportunities for e-leanring and webinars, more learning on LinkedIN, Facebook and Twitter and who knows maybe some radio/TV spots as well as more blogs and articles. We will have some fun reaching out to others to share some testimonials and later more research on Tri-namics.

If you are curious to know more please visit our websites.

Deberna International- publishing and licensing innovative learning resources,

Debbie’s website: DP Leadership Associates

Erna’s website: Hagge Global Institute

Tri-namics books are available directly from the authors or through licensed Tri-namics Consultants. Not available in bookstores or other online sellers. Our clients our generally organizations, individuals working in organizations or coaches/consultants/faciltators/trainers who would like to use Tri-namics with their clients. However, anyone can purchase even just one book from us- we are delighted to share. Aspiring youth have found great value in using Tri-namics.

Contact Debbie by phone or text message at 1-604.209.5069 or email at Oh, and how much does it cost for a book? Only $49 CAD or US plus shipping/ handling of about $10 depending on where you are. That is all. Oh, and also some of the profit from the book sales goes back to the LEADS in a Caring Environment collaborative folks through the Canadian College of Health Leaders to sustain and extend the research underpinning the framework. Thanks in advance if you decide to share a link or some information on Tri-namics-it seems that we learn about the best things from those we stumble upon or know well.

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2012 Leadership Gifts

How will you use your leadership gifts in 2012? Perhaps in order to use them you need to know what they are. What are your leadership gifts? Are you outstanding at leading yourself through your own ife by setting goals, motivating yourself, knowing how you affect and influence others and what is important to you? Perhaps you are able to influence others and engage them in critical, important and transformational conversation. Or maybe you are extremely good at achieving and getting results, drinving to accomplish new and different work. Perhaps you are someone who seems to be able to draw diverse groups together and unite them in a common vision, encouraging them to find ways to collaborate? Or you may be someone who sees huge vision, able to inspire others to transform and create new systems… Perhaps you are fortunate and you have some of all of these gifts and are able to use each one when the situation, timing and resources are right. Your leadership matters. Your leadership is needed in 2012. Use your gifts wisely and they willl come back to you tenfold. Use them wisely and they can change the world.

Debbie Payne,MA
604 209 5069 cell
Delta BC Canada

DP Leadership Associates

Deberna Coaching International
Tri-namics 2009
For intro on Tri-namics:

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Gift of Space

Gifts come disguised, wrapped to cover up what is inside. They often are a surprise, something special, unusual, unexpected. Almost magical, with antcipation and trepidation we unwrap. Some of us dive in, ripping, eager to discover the gift. Others hold back, shake, listen and gently remove the tape. Oten we are given gifts that do not sem like a gift they are so well-disguised. Sometimes to receive a gift of time or space we need to exprience something not so nice.

An arm injury has given me gift of coversation to explore more of my intense passion and both the good and bad that comes from this. It has also given me an appreciation for the unknown, for the ability of health professionals that have found a way to be gentle and kind when they are backed up with far too many patients to see. I have a little more space in my life right now and for that I am grateful.

Gifts come and go in our lives. The ones we often remember the most sometimes surprise us- seldom are they the most lavish- often they are not even given on a special occasion. Sometimes the wrapping is so different we do not even recognize them as gifts until we reflect. What gifts do you remember most?

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